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Imapp provides businesses with a new level of security, transparency, automation, and efficiency through decentralized technologies.

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Consultations & Advisory

Discover and Explore Your Blockchain Options

  • Solution Discovery
  • Suitable Blockchain Recommendations
  • System Architecture Design
  • PoC development
NFTs, Blockchain Gaming & Metaverse

Tokenize Your Art, Game Items, and Anything Else Digital

  • ERC721, ERC1155, ERC998, and other NFT standards
  • White-label NFT marketplace
  • OpenSea integration
  • Royalties management
  • NFT voting
  • Static and dynamic metadata management
  • On-chain/off-chain game architecture design
Distributed Applications (dApps)

Upgrade Your Products to Web3 Level

  • Smart Contracts
  • Backend & Frontend
  • Wallets and onramps integration
  • Communication with oracles
  • Cross chain interoperability
Web 3 Security & Smart Contracts Audits

Identify vulnerabilities and prevent exploits in your infrastructure

  • Manual code review
  • Static analysis by automated tools
  • Smart contract unit test coverage analysis
  • Gas optimization analysis
  • Blockchain infrastructure security audits
Public & Private Blockchain Integration

Upgrade your existing solutions with blockchain

  • Integrate with permissioned blockchains
  • Incorporate blockchain into legacy infrastructure
  • Merge centralized systems with blockchain components
  • Migrate to blockchain infrastructure
Smart Contracts

Build Trust with Trustless Technology

  • Bespoke solutions & OpenZeppelin standards
  • Protocols forking
  • Crypto tokens
  • DeFi or DEX
  • Vesting, Staking, DAO and more
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Proven process, real results

In blockchain since:2013
Experienced team:24+
★ Clutch score:5/5
Recurring customers:92%
Projects delivered:52+


We turn complex technology into simple business solutions

At Imapp, we specialize in blockchain technology and offer end-to-end solutions to our clients. Our services include planning, design, development, and launch of Web3-based products. Since 2013, we have worked with various blockchain technologies, such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Polygon, Polkadot, HyperLedger Fabric, zkSync, ImmutableX, and others.

How we advance?

We practice innovation at its core

Technology moves at a fast pace, and we stay ahead by focusing on the fundamentals. At Imapp, we dedicate our time to R&D projects aimed at continuously improving blockchain systems. We have worked on EVM implementations, gas cost improvements, Solidity development, and Layer 2 research. This enables us to understand the technology from its core and apply our knowledge to offer our customers the most suitable and innovative solutions.

What makes our work successful


We, as a team, have gained significant technological knowledge over many years of delivering projects. Being early adopters in the blockchain space, we have had 10 years to build our experience, which can now benefit our customers.

Time conscious

We understand that time is a scarce resource but it's also a critical investment at the beginning of any project. That's why we take the necessary time to thoroughly understand your goals, and we manage it efficiently while delivering on them.

Organized yet flexible

We value well-organized work that addresses various risks and challenges. However, unexpected events are, by definition, difficult to predict. Therefore, while we remain focused on our set objectives, we keep an open mind and are ready to adjust or pivot as needed.


Communication is a key element in the successful delivery of any project. Therefore, we regularly share our progress, inform you about any issues we have encountered, and listen to your concerns to ensure that we are always aligned with the project's goals.

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